The Future Workplace Experience

The Future Workplace Experience


—Henry G. Jackson, CPA
President & CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

“The Future Workplace Experience offers a fascinating look at the changing nature of work and workers. It’s an all-in-one guide—from primer to practical solutions. This book is a must-read for leaders who want their organizations to thrive in the future.”

—Anant Agarwal 
CEO edX and MIT Professor

“Meister and Mulcahy provide a roadmap for why and how organizations that embrace life long learning are creating a differentiated workplace experience. Forward looking CEOs should demand the same of their corporate learning departments.”

—Francine Katsoudas,
SVP and Chief People Officer, Cisco

“Everything we know about work is being turned upside down. Meister and Mulcahy created 10 rules to guide businesses into the digital era. One takeaway: Recognize your job is not your job and HR is no longer HR. This book is a must read for HR leaders.”

—Donna Morris,
EVP, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe

“Business leaders need to disrupt themselves and their functions or risk being disrupted. The Future Workplace Experience provides a framework for shaking up the status quo. If you want to prepare for the future today, this book is a must read!”

—Derek Hann,
Chief Learning Officer, PayPal

“You will find no shortage of actionable practices in The Future Workplace Experience; Meister and Mulcahy’s 10 rules for navigating the future workplace arrives just in time. This book is a great read and will help you transform your learning department.”

—Shireen Donaldson
Vice President Human Resources Keysight Technologies

“In The Future Workplace Experience, Meister and Mulcahy paint a compelling picture into navigating the trends that are reshaping the future work environment and redefining learning. This book challenges leaders to disrupt their current learning models and create learning on-demand solutions that are dynamic, innovative and personalized. In today’s highly competitive global environment, creating a continuous learning environment is critical for attracting, retaining and engaging your workforce.” —Shireen Donaldson Vice President Human Resources Keysight Technologies

—Mark Gilbreath
CEO and Founder, LiquidSpace

“Mobility and choice are the new change masters and employees are in charge of where and how they work. Meister and Mulcahy make the case the time is now to re-think workspace to match the fluid demands of a global workforce. It’s not enough to read this book, you will want to act now to reimagine your company’s approach to work, place and policy”.

—Andrea Newman
Director, HR Strategy Office, Intel

“The Future Workplace Experience is a necessary, compelling and actionable plan for companies in any industry, of any size, at any point in their journey toward creating a holistic experience for employees. The 10 rules to navigate the future workplace address some topics as; creating seamless experiences beyond the “trophy perks” and adopting greater transparency among leaders. These are critical topics that both HR professionals and business leaders alike must take part in solving.”

—Barbara Runyon
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, La-Z-Boy Incorporated

“Meister and Mulcahy provide an illuminating vision of what’s next for the workplace. The Future Workplace Experience highlights the need re-invent the employee value proposition. This book presents a strong case for the adaptability required not only by the HR profession, but the business world.”

—Kelly Savage
Chief Human Resources Officer, Amway

“Meister and Mulcahy’s research has clearly identified a roadmap to help organizations to develop an agile workplace that is able to anticipate, adapt and act to leverage marketplace changes. Their 10 rules for navigating the future workplace has tremendous implications for the HR function to be a major force for driving and enabling the execution of organizational strategy.”

And many more:

“Now that speed counts and organizations are flatter, Meister and Mulcahy illustrate the framework that is needed to provide great experiences and continuous development for leaders and teams of all sizes. This book is a valuable resource and reference point as learning organizations need to adapt to these rapid changes and partner with other functional areas to solve for these ubiquitous realities.”
—Jay Moore

Global Learning Leader, GE Crotonville
"In an era of unprecedented change in how we live, learn and work, Meister and Mulcahy have documented the growing importance of investing in learning to increase productivity and competitiveness in the global marketplace. You will want to share this book with your entire learning and development team!"
—Don Duquette

Executive Vice President, GP Strategies
“Leaders responsible for developing talent in their organizations are grappling with new ways to do learning which is on-demand, engaging, and aligned to the strategic business priorities of the company. The Future Workplace Experience argues the time is now to re-imagine learning and embed on-going development into each employee’s experience at work.”
—Martha Soehren, PhD

Chief Talent Development Officer and Senior Vice President, Comcast
"In the competitive battle for talent, Meister and Mulcahy are giving us a set of fact based rules that can guide us in attracting and keeping the best and the brightest. In the landscape of social networking, companies can no longer hide behind their commercial brand, and must offer an experience for their employees that compels them to stay and tells others why they should too. The authors' 10 rules for creating the future workplace are imperatives and they make a compelling case for rule #1: make the workplace an experience by curating the employee experience to insure innovation, freedom, movement and connection to each other and the company. They'll stay, and thrive. For those who need to understand what employees want and expect, now and in the future, this book is a must read!"
—Sandy Rezendes

Chief Learning Officer at Citizens Financial Group, Inc.‬‬‬
“Engaging, practical and insightful - Meister and Mulcahy have produced the definitive how-to guide for successfully navigating the future world of work. For any leader, the message is clear – ‘agility’ will be the essential determinant of their future success. To produce results and engage others, future leaders must be transparent, accountable, inclusive and future-focused”.
—Dr. Simon Boucher

Chief Executive, Irish Management Institute
"I LOVE this book! Finally, a holistic perspective that reaches across the table to beckon HR, Real Estate, and IT to come together and co-create an authentic employee experience, aligning the physical and virtual space with the culture of an organization. Our workspace is the biggest billboard our organization has to communicate culture and this book offers a roadmap on "how to" intentionally make it come alive”.
—Kate North

Vice President, Workplace Innovation, PlaceValue and Global Chair, Workplace Evolutionaries (WE)
"The Future Workplace Experience is a must read and a must act for innovative HR leaders and CEOs alike who are focused on developing people strategies that will attract and retain the talent required to lead their organizations into the future. Agile leaders who can both produce results and engage the next generation of employees will be the key to our future workplaces - the battle for talent will be one for the record books and agile leaders will be the champions. Meister and Mulcahy share invaluable insights from leading organizations that provide a roadmap for continually evolving the workplace experience through their 10 Rules to Navigate the Future Workplace."
—Stephanie Franklin

Vice President, Global Human Resource Business Partners, Nuance Communications
"‘Be an Agile Leader’ is a lesson all of us can and should understand. Increasingly, diverse experiences, skills and points of view are simply the price of admission to the executive table. Learning agility is a critical differentiator that separates the ‘Ho hum’ contributor from the ‘Wow’ conversation leader.”
—Chris Edmonds-Waters

Head of Human Resources, SVB, Silicon Valley Bank
“Right from the initial vivid description of a futuristic workday, The Future Workplace Experience, paints a striking picture of changes that organizations face. The authors’ call for urgent action is timely and their advice welcome. Their principles of “Agile Leadership” capture the essence of leadership needed in the Digital era. The ten rules and insightful case studies will provide you with a clear framework to succeed in the rapidly transforming world we face. This is a much needed book!”
—Dr. Vishal Shah

Vice President, Leadership & People Sciences, Wipro
“The valuable insights provided in of The Future Workplace Experience are coupled with practical guidance from practitioners who are already actively engaged around the future of work. This book is a most valuable and insightful addition to the debate on this critical topic. It is destined to be seen as a valuable resource and reference work for business leaders, Human Resources professionals, academics and students alike.”
—Niall Saul, MSc, FCIPD

VP Organisational Capability and People, Asavie Technologies
“The pace of change in the business world is incredible and having a road map is needed. Meister and Mulcahy not only give organizations a tangible direction to follow, they capture the reality that the evolution of work affects all companies – not just the giant ones. Noting the importance of agility and activism was refreshing, on point and necessary for the leaders of today and tomorrow.”
—Steve Browne

Executive Director of HR, LaRosa’s, Inc.
“Meister and Mulcahy have done a fantastic job laying out a detailed roadmap for how organizations can construct and – more importantly – execute an optimal future workplace experience that drives employee engagement and, materially improves organizational outcomes. This book is required reading for your entire HR team as well as senior business leaders as you explore how to expand the scope and impact of HR and in the process create a compelling experience for both employees and customers.”
—David Almeda

SVP, Chief People Officer, Kronos, Inc.